Notch looking at Terasology


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I sent my first tweet to someone tonight. I've never been a big fan of twitter but since I've become interested in game dev and specifically voxel engines I've subscribed to updates from several members of the minecraft community including notch.

I tweeted to @notch the following:
"What do you think about the open source voxel engine terasology?"

I didn't really expect a response because the guy has so many followers. But he replied:
"I haven't seen it"

So I sent him a link to the github project.

Am I a dork that I'm a bit star struck by notch replying to my tweet? Wouldn't it be cool if he added a module?



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Hehe yeah I saw that, thought the "Chappelle" sounded familiar, figured it might be you. I'm surprised he replied but I guess he's talkative on Twitter and has a lot of spare time these days :)