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I feel like this game has a lot of what I'd call the sonic syndrome. As in. It is not awful. But there are so many little things that are off. Or annoying. That a lot of new people are put off and never come back over them. I'd also compare it to when a tester or Dev learns to work around a flawed mechanic and then doesn't understand why other people are not receiving their game.

I feel like. People who've stuck with this thing. Have just found work arounds, texture packs, or are only interested in certain aspects of this game. To the point where the entire project is getting nowhere near as much traction as it could get. Either by help in the actual work. Or in people being funded to do the work. Because of them.

I mean as someone with no idea how this thing functioned. Or what to expect. But who has played plenty of games with crafting systems. I found it very confusing and frustrating. Just doing basic things. And the basic quality of life like inventory items vanishing and randomly dying. And just not being able to clearly distinguish between tools. In the base texture pack. To all be Pretty much unbearable.

I don't quite understand it looking around the forums. People talking about experimental this, and that. And huge projects. But the roof is leaking and the foundation is cracked. I mean honestly, just on a personal level. As it is. I don't understand why people wouldn't be better severed doing projects modding minecraft as opposed to projects in this game. And this is coming from someone who absolutely refuses to play minecraft and was looking for an alternative.

That's not to say this should be running like a AAA studio. And I have some extreme expectations of this project. I just see no direction. Or real purpose. Unless there is some, thing. That is actually growing or continually improving. To some end. And when the basics are out of wack. Even if you've done some amazing whatever it is. All these little things are going to cast a shadow over whatever improvement you make. So it almost seems counter productive.

Specific Problems.

Tools crafting
The whole needing a tool to make a tool makes sense but is not really a fun mechanic. It's easy to forget. And frustrating when you do. There's really nothing intuitive about it. It'd really be better for there to be only 1 stone tool that did what all the other ones do. Because it really adds nothing. I feel the same way about the multiply crafting tables. Especially when they look so similar. Why not just have a forge that is the second crafting table. I also don't get the aversion to all things minecraft. If it's legal reasons or what. But I don't see how as there is nothing mincraft does which is in any real way original. Also not being able to set the amount you want of an item like torches or planks. And having to keep clicking over and over. Is in no way fun.

The water system is bad. You lose it too quickly. You should be able to drink without a cup. And the cup itself doesn't restores enough.

The experience system is fine to have. But it does something I find intolerable in games. Which is to hold back basic features, movements, or functions. Behind some arbitrary wall. For no real reason at all. Not being able to craft something. Or have ideal movement. Because you have not opened a menu and click on a button inside a menu. Is not good game design. I don't care who says it or does it.

All of these are problems which you will eventually overcome if you grind your way through them. But the initial impression and new player experience, is bad and frustrating.

I've seen a lot of free games contributors be overly touchy about opinions simply because they consider almost all negative feedback as entitlement because they've worked for free. Or gave something for free. Which is really a sense of being entitled to no negative feedback. Because of a contribution. I am very aware that no one has to do anything. About a single thing I've said. And am simply stating it because I feel like it would benefit the entire project on the whole. And could help bring in more contributors which could only help. And unless for some reason someone wanted my opinion about something, or something I said specifically. I don't see a reason I'd be posting again anytime soon.

I always feel competition is good. And the stagnation of monopoly is bad on any front. So to that end I hope this project has some success.


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Hi @BH12 and welcome :)

You've touched on plenty of valid points that we indeed are aware of and have taken to heart, we're not going to reject you over pointing out the obvious. The game isn't stable or at all balanced yet. It also isn't clear how to do some things, for instance you can indeed split stacks in some ways, although I'm not sure that's really noted anywhere, the few bits of tutorial-like in-game help is more about recipe lookups and such.

The project is far from stagnating or stuck, just what happened was that most activity has moved onto our Discord server and we've been kinda bad posting anything back to here - you can get a feel for the level of activity and details on what's happening over there, or by looking at GitHub. But yes, we're still very developer centric and don't have a great flow for getting updates out to regular players


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@BH12 Awesome feedback, thank you! I fully agree on the issues you detected.

As @Cervator mentioned we're a very developer-centric community - which is not an excuse but one of the reasons / problems.
For almost half a year now, we're doing weekly meetings to streamline our efforts and do something against the cracked foundation and leaking roof. I believe our problem at the moment is, that our foundation is so big, that it takes a lot of time to fix the cracks, which we need to do before we can stabilize the house.

Additionally, especially in terms of fixing the leaking roof (user experience) we have this chicken-and-egg issue of being a core-developer-centric community that is not too much interested in UX which makes it unattractive for people with more UX-focus to join the community and make it more "diverse".
Do you have ideas how to break that cycle?

Regardless of this issue, we are aware of the general problem of bad user experience, but often lack specific aspects that are especially annoying. So please go ahead and continue mentioning them as you experience them, so we can - bit by bit - raise the bar.
As @Cervator also mentioned, the forum has been a bit neglected in favor of Discord and GitHub, so opening GitHub issues or providing feedback on Discord might produce more traction than mentioning issues here.