Patreon up


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Shiny: - like mentioned lately on IRC and during office hours.

It is tied to our Paypal account and my marginally active side-business Nanoware's tax FEIN thing (has to have either tax info or social security # in the US). Not that I expect we'll have any income substantial enough to warrant taxes, will cross that bridge if we get there one day ;)

This was mainly brought on by a sponsor offer to cover monthly server costs, and while Xenforo's donation options are nice to have I don't really expect people to fully trust an addon to a still somewhat obscure piece of forum software. Patreon has all the bells and whistles of an upcoming Kickstarter competitor and is built for on-going pledges that work at very low scale

Need to integrate this a bit better in places when we get a bit more serious about it. Right now it is mainly just to have it - I put a decent amount of placeholder info, doesn't look too terrible, but makes it clear we aren't super serious about taking in cash and handing out rewards yet.

We now have a monthly income of $1 - woohoo! And I'm $1/month poorer :D