Pixel-Art Icons from Images


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Hey all, I created a short how-to of how I cretaed most of the icons for Wood and Stone. You can find it on my deviantart site. Its not muc h, but if I find some time I'll make a more detailed version ;)

I always wondered how to do that... this should be pretty easy using photoshop.

How do you do it for smaller ones like 16x16 or 20x20

I imagine after a certain size it get tricky.


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Hey SarahDo,

you're right, smaller sizes are tricky with this approach. For 32x32 the "Clean Up" part would be more like "Repaint", and of course you will lose some detail. Furthermore, you probably would need to use another approach for the border (no solid black, but just darkened edges).
When I try to do 16x16 icons I usually create them from scratch. Nevertheless, SuperSnark is probably the better contact for real pixel art :D Have a look at this thread.