Planet Ice Cake


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Introducing the Planet Ice cake

In this world it is full of sweets and candies. It is risen and shone with a variety of flavoured candies. There are chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and millions and trillions of flavoured waterfalls. These waterfalls are rich with playful candy jelly fish who swim throughout these flavours. Moreover, there are huge lollipops which are able to hypnotise people with their glamouring colours. The sunny clouds are white coloured candy floss while the rainy ones are chocolate coloured candy floss. What about the ground? The ground is filled with funny choc puddles and also with chocolate layers. Toffees are for stones, trees are replaced by non-melting ice creams. Speciality is no animals to be seen except for the fish. So what you want to do is to enjoy all these flavours and get to the Dr. Russell's ice cake castle and get Flora freed from him. This game would be so fun for young kids as well as for teenagers who love sweets and candies and who won’t? What you have to do is help Flora get escaped from the mad scientist Russell. But you have to reach her smashing jelly gummy bears, not being spotted by chocolate raindrops and also you cannot get into chocolate, vanilla or strawberry rivers because you have to know that you can’t swim! This world is been coloured in bright eye catching colours like pink and light blue and many more. You can eat rainbow cakes as well. After running for a long time when you feel tired, you can enjoy the flavoured elements over the planet.

Once lived a king named Drusell and he had a daughter named Flora. She had such a beauty so that king’s brother who is a scientist named Russell kidnaps her and locks her up in his planet created by his own, the Planet Ice Cake. Russell's plan is to make Candy queens out of Flora.


There is too many names, the sentences all sound one like the other, there is no variety in the text. All I brought from the text is: there are colorful candies. I have no idea how the world actually looks like in your mind. You speak of some castle, but what kind of castle it is? Where it is? How does it look like? Since you mention a castle, are there even other things worth seeing in the world? And, despite it is not a requirement of this task per se, how would you imagine this world in a blocky manner as utilised by Terasology?