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Lore Master
The idea for those blocks is based on children's building blocks like these:

A lot of us in the US had these growing up, but I guess they weren't as common in Europe as I thought they might be. Kind a of a classic, simple, wooden building block. I figured since we are currently using low resolution squares this might be a good alternative until we can get a multi-block Toy Chest type spawner - which I'm hoping will be the ultimate way to spawn our chess people. Ideally, I'd love to see a chest open and the piece hop out of it. ;)

For the alpha Fortress Frenzy version of L&S I think all we will need are K and P spawn blocks (knights and pawns) since the King should spawn alongside the player (likely the Fool model). However, I'll go ahead and make one for each chess piece - along with Black alternate versions.