Pre-alpha release 57 - checkpoint


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Checkpoint release after the somewhat rough last release that took near three months - this one took just three weeks!

Naturally most the content in this release is bug fixes, but a few new things snuck in as well

GitHub release download - GitHub changelog milestone - Jenkins engine changelog

New stuff
  • Automated download of modules at runtime from our meta-server. So you can get module updates and even new modules live from inside the game! (oooohhh!)
    • If you look in the module list you may see some entries in grey. These exist online but are not present locally in your copy of the game. If you're using the Omega distribution you already have all modules we consider stable - add more at your own risk!
  • Floating name tags such as for player names in multiplayer (aaahhh!)
  • A handy little "search" command for the in-game console to find commands, blocks, items, etc easier (neat!)
  • More engine refactoring around the CoreRegistry, initialization phases, and our use of vector math (new Vector2i) - helps fix some stuff too
  • Proper multiblock tanks in JoshariasSurvival
  • New module PolyWorld is live with even more recent improvements - check out the nice Island Worlds you can get with it enabled!
Fixes for issues specifically noted for the last release
  • Throughout the Ages behaves better now with fewer crashes (on planting seeds, using a hoe or herb bag, filling a bucket with water)
  • Input settings UI isn't looking all weird anymore
  • More music can play again with MusicDirector fixed (at least the first official soundtrack, other pieces may not have triggers to play)
  • Heightmap worlds look right again, no more overzealous lawn moving making some heights look oddly barren
  • You can pick blueberries in JoshariasSurvival once more
  • View distance is behaving again and should set right from any location in-game
  • Chunks are seemingly becoming visible in good time with headless servers againexcept if you play on "Legally Blind" view distance. In this case the client requests so few chunks from the server it actually never gets enough to render them fully visible. Whoops. Workaround is either upping the view distance for a moment or have another player with a higher view distance help "preload" enough chunks around you (either option should just be needed once)
  • Loading screen can have its image overridden again (so the nice PolyWorld image is back)
Other fixes in this release
  • Various improvements and fixes to the preview/configure world screen (now behind the "Details" button) - also now doesn't run a preview before requested (since that can take a while)
  • Unloaded blocks behave better, won't let items or players enter them, and don't spam the log much anymore. Note that unloaded != invisible / not ready to render yet - that's the more common case :)
  • Some console text entering quirks have been fixed
  • Better logging of potential UI problems
Known issues

No dedicated milestone for known issues this time around and the one for the last release has been rolled into the change notes for this release or set free to be fixed later. Just one new known issue so far:
  • The world from the "Cities" module may not be working while @msteiger is updating its generator
On the horizon:
  • Internationalization of the main game - at last! Starting with the menu but expanding into game assets and modules later. Aninitial translation project has been set up but just covers the menu, and may be subject to change / broken stuff still, more will be coming later
  • Updating toWeblate2.4+ to support said internationalization expansion - need some bug fixes and better stability
  • Probably more uses for the floating name tags
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Hi @Exdestro and yep there's a forum for that :)

We only have a limited amount of models in-game and requests come in from time to time. In particular we need more basic animals. Check out the WildAnimals module with the super nice looking deer by @glasz (activate the module and use "spawnPrefab deer" in the game console to see one)