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I changed 5 files (the and the jsons for shield in core)

and now i saw this:

### Pre Pull Request Checklist:
- [ ] Code has been scanned with [SonarLint](
  • I installed intellij IDEA (because sonar lint is for this... I saw the price and didnt find the sonar lint plugin... (now i wan to delete Intellji IDEA)) what i have to do now?
- [ ] Methods have been annotated with @ Nullable and @ Nonnull ([Read more](
  • what exactly != null?
- [ ] There are no errors present in the project
  • I think yes, im already playing with it and make modules...
- [ ] Code has been formatted and indented
  • I overworked the code... so it should be
here is my fork:


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Hey there, sorry about the delay in responding to this. Been a busy trip to Europe here for me personally :)

That guideline is a little rough still, the goal was to have better details and steps to cover all that, but that's still missing.

You can get the IntelliJ Community Edition for free, there are quite a few code quality plugins, the main one we use is Checkstyle so if you just get and run that on the Java files you've modified that should be good enough