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  • Name: Aresh "vampcat" Mishra
  • Social: Github
  • From: India
  • Skills / Tools: Everything that's needed, and more ;) I've taken every language, tool and game engine I could lay my hands on out for a spin (everything from Java to Python, PHP to JS, SQL to FoxPro, Unity to Ogre), but a C++ IDE running on Windows and compiling an OpenGL program is what I love the most.
  • Found via: GSoC :D
  • Interests: Mostly game development, specifically renderings and simulations on GPU (RayTracing, fluid simulations, or anything remotely related) that make the world much more beautiful just by existing! (Terasology shaders, here I come!)
  • Extra: Games have always fascinated me, for they are the respite from reality that we all sorely need. That, coupled with the fact that I love creating. Making an entire world out of nothing, a world where I can make fishes fly and flowers grow in mid-air, and make them look amazing while they do all this is what makes me tick.


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Nor did you work with ocaml, haskell, erlang? shame on you :D

I don't think there is much to say here, just keep the good work and discussions up. I'm interested in what you come with as potential task ;)


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I have worked with Perl and OCaml my good sirs, I just prefer languages that don't make me feel like ripping my hair out :)

And I certainly hope you'll like what I propose, Skaldarnar :)
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Nice thread title, @vampcat :D. You need a profile pic though.

I think all of us will be pleasantly surprised when we see your work.

Wanna trade proposals? I need an extra eye on mine, and @manu3d is too busy to comment right now.
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Tcl is EVIL. I had to work with a variant (Jacl) for automating Websphere deploys. Sucked :p

Feel free to link your GDocs here, via forum convos, on Slack, or whatever. Reviews and feedback are useful for everybody :)

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