Reviving Leap Motion?


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Hi y'all!
So I finally got done with an internship I was carrying out, and I decided to get back to Terasology with the hope of understanding more of what's going on so I can (hopefully) learn a bit more before the GSoC applications start.
Going through the repo, I found a branch that had some leap motion stuff which was updated like 4 years back. Are there any plans of bringing it back? (Since I have a leapmotion controller lazing around in my room)

Also, have you guys decided on what ideas will be put up from summer of code this year already?


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Belated heya :)

I just posted a GSOC 2017 thread:

I did most the Leap Motion stuff years back. I don't know if it'll at all be useful anymore. It is/was a GSOC item but at this point I'm not sure how valid it would be on its own.

There is a pending PR on GitHub about controllers for VR that might be interesting to you, since it seems somewhat conceptually close to a Leap Motion controller. Maybe check that out some.

One possibility might be a GSOC level item to come up with an in-game VR interface with some sort of content attached. Right now we just have the support, but nothing much to really do with it. I noticed a mash-up in the past using a VR headset + Leap Motion attached on front to bring up a "typical" (could it be considered typical yet?) VR interface attached to your arm in-game. That was pretty cool. I wonder if we could do something similar.