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Okay, this was fun, though I have to admit, a bit of a pain at times. For this GCI task, I had to show SerpentAI controlling a Terasology window.

Setting up SerpentAI

This was... very painful. At first I attempted to work this out on macOS, but I ran into a ton of issues here because kivy and hiredis just wouldn't build. I may have messed up some earlier steps, but it seems that kivy causes a lot of problems across all operating systems when it comes to SerpentAI, so you may need to install other dependencies or just attempt to reinstall them individually. Not sure, because I ultimately decided to go through the whole thing again on a Linux virtual machine, just to make sure I didn't mess up my laptop :) It was certainly a lot less headache to go through, which I think is partly because there's just a lot less support for macOS for SerpentAI - at the moment, at least. I did have to go back and install some things individually, but those were all specified on the wiki, so it wasn't a big deal.

One note: I finished the second part on another day, and my virtual machine crashed so I had to open up terminal and cd into my SerpentAI directory again. However, the wiki says that after the VirtualEnv is set up, "This will create a .python-version file that will automatically set the active VirtualEnv upon entering the directory". This was not the case for me, so every time I go into my SerpentAI directory and want to run the VirtualEnv (the name of your VirtualEnv should appear in parentheses before the directory name), I had to run: source ../.bash_profile

This just loads up the file.

Running Terasology through SerpentAI

Installed the default launcher for Terasology. To run the game on Linux, I had to open terminal, cd into TerasologyLauncher, cd into bin, and then type ./TerasologyLauncher

You need an executable file to do this, so to check that the file for your game is executable, you can cd into TerasologyLauncher, cd into bin, and then run ls -la
The file called TerasologyLauncher should be listed with some letters and an 'x'. Interestingly, every time I click past the initial launch screen, the entire virtual machine just freezes up, though not sure why.

At the moment, I'm only able to launch Terasology from SerpentAI, but I'm having trouble running the GameAgent. This is possibly a result of an incorrect window identifier (at the moment I'm using "Terasology | Alpha", and I'm not sure if that's correct). I keep getting an error that xdotool can't be found. Will reply to this thread when I get the next part running.

Video of launching Terasology:


"Terasology | Alpha" is correct, you just need to install xdotool