Stable 49 - Happy Valentine's Day!


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♫ ... What is love? @Gooey don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more ... ♫

Even our favorite Gelatinous Cube needs love on this day. Good news is even if alone he/she/it can just bud off a clone and tadaa, couple!

Valentines2015Outside.jpg Valentines2015.jpg Valentines2015Banners.jpg

For the occasion @Skaldarnar threw together a nice little Valentines module to go with this release, which is otherwise pretty routine. Main note is that it'll be the final release where the Windows executables will work without Java 8. @shartte is working on improve the executables/launch scripts and bundling a suitable JRE is part of this (as an option, you can still get the "generic" game and launch it as you see fit).

So far only the Windows executables work differently, in the latest develop build. There you can launch via "java -jar libs/Terasology.jar" using an older Java still - note the changed path as well, the Terasology.jar for the PC version of the game is now in the libs dir with the other jars.

Everything else works much the same! Download from GitHub Releases. Here are some general engine notes:
  • @manu3d continues his quest to refactor all the rendering things
  • @msteiger is refactoring noise and such for improved world generation options
    • For instance trees should no longer be cut at chunk boundaries in the basic world gens. Not fixed for Throughout the Ages yet though
  • Martin also got the player a streamlined option to pick a user color, including one randomly chosen on first run. The game will also attempt to use your system username for your player name (change under player settings)
  • @Florian is optimizing architecture as usual
  • CrashReporter is updated to 2.0.0 with a nice wizard approach to reporting issues
  • Miniaturizer is gone - the funny scissors item in the toolbar that hasn't worked for ages
  • @Immortius is working on more Gestalt libraries so we can pull more stuff out of the engine
I'm probably missing a bit more but that's most of it. Steady progress :)