Stable build 38 out - moar modules !


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Been slowly building up engine changes for a bit but there might be more module work in this release than engine. Available as always via Launcher, on GitHub, or from Jenkins

Engine work:
  • msteiger added CrashReporter - if the game crashes now this should pop up with easy access to the game log, uploading it, filing an issue, on joining our channel on IRC for support
  • Split hot key for view distance into two: Home key to increase, End key to decrease. This way you don't need to actually expand the view distance before you can shrink it!
  • Graphic options have been expanded by Member1221 and are awaiting a more advanced screen as well - you can finally selectively disable motion blur and such from in-game :)
  • The version of vecmath we use has been downgraded as Java on Macs had trouble using a version other than the one bundled by default - this could cause an issue on Macs
  • Various fixes to multiplayer, inventory, dropped items being invisible, etc
Module work:
  • Breathing was extracted by Jtsessions into a module, so with it off by default you can't drown when spawning underwater, woo
  • Signalling is included again after finally getting updated for NUI - thanks Adeon !
  • New modules TerraTech and Machines by Josharias explore the mechanized life such as working windmills with rotating wings that drive axles able to move rotational power around
  • New module Rails by Adeon allow you to run trains in-game with carts, derailing, and fun with physics
Other news:
  • We're doing an "Office Hours" thing on Saturdays now, with an "early" session at 14:00 UTC and a "late" session at 21:00 UTC (more details in the thread)
  • Forum structure is being adjusted with a more consistent organization of topics and addition of thread prefixes. There is a mega-post with the details - changes will be applied over time mostly by me and Skaldarnar
  • Taking a break from vertically stacked chunks and world gen overhaul Immortius has started working on extracting more library type projects from the engine under the overall name "Gestalt" - at first the module architecture in gestalt-module
  • In a similar way Marcin Sciesinski has been tinkering with an alternative entity system lib setup he calls SECSy
  • More javadoc is being worked on - yay! Thanks manu3d
  • Philaxx is going to attend Gamescon in August with a small group that might be wearing Terasology shirts and such :)
  • I'm working on Jenkins - getting updated with more support for dynamically configuring stuff on a larger scale, including module dependencies being matched with build dependencies so everything builds in the right order
  • We're converting the Spout badge into a "Spec Ops" badge as our friends on that project sadly stopped working on it :( In better news some have continued on with a Flow project instead. The reconfigured team is for Jack-of-all-Trades like myself and Skaldarnar who also express a todo-list-dooming willingness to help with any topic, any time, asked by anybody. Our spare time weeps in distress ;)
  • Adeon is working on an upgrade for our Xenforo site, as it hasn't been worked on seriously for quite a while
  • And finally we've set up a "draft" Patreon site for Terasology, more for future usage+ improvements and to make a way available to donate smaller amounts on a recurring basis. I also got Chrisk to set one up to support his soundtrack work :)
  • Edit: The Launcher is now also available in Polish thanks to Halamix2 !


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The launcher was translated into Polish by Piotr Halama "Halamix2". Thank you!