Question Structure Templates Module - How do I Get This to Work?


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I've been unsuccessful in figuring out how to use the Structure Templates module to create saved copies of houses, custom-built trees, sections and corners of walls, etc. that I can place in the world where I want, as many times as I want.

Is there anyone with experience with this module that would be willing to write a step-by-step resp on how to do such things with this module?


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Heya. Is the readme on the repo not helping? Using the toolbox offers a variety of options although maybe they're not covered well in the readme. There are also a bunch of notes in its forum thread.

Several contributors have experimented with it quite a bit, it might be worth hopping on chat sometime to ask if somebody is online. On here @Florian would of course know since he started it, and @Nihal Singh has used it at length for Lost