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Hi everyone! I started studying Java, and libgdx. Yesterday I was working on my 3D voxel models, and èvenuta me a small idea.

I need a little tool that matter my voxel models, such as testing and analysis tool for the correct geometry within Terasology. The characteristics that must have the I describe it now:

Importing obj formats, including textures and material (.mtl file).
Ability to scale the model, rotate it, and display it in wireframe.
Simple application of 2 lights (or 4 I have to see the results), to have the right amount of light to all parts of the 3d models.
Simple functionality to display animations, and verify the correct application of the bones, and the pivot, without overlapping and graphical glitches mesh.

The solution...

TeraBox Editor!

Just today I discovered that libgdx has grown very much! stable is firm to 1.6.1, but the nightly arrived at 1.9.x and the zip archive is almost twice the 1.6.1! They have improved a lot of things, documentation, and support for popular 3D formats has been improved, there is also a very interesting library for the complete management of the voxel models.

I have to check all the news, many things were told to me by one of the users of the community, after I asked for advice and suggestions for my project.

TeraBox was born a few hours guys, but thanks to libgdx and your help, I am sure of being able to develop the tool in its initial form. In the future it might evolve, including the possibility of exporting the already scaled models with specific Terasology Engine.

I do my best. I will still work to my models, documentation, and MedievalCities form.

Thank you all.