TorchLife and GUI editing


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Hello everyone, my first actual thread other than an intro.

Im here to tell you about TorchLife, it is a mod that anyone can add to the game and the title says it all. Basically when you place a torch the torch will have a certain life span. After that it turns into a DeadTorch. With the DeadTorch you can add coal to it and it becomes a torch. Plus as the torches fuel goes down so does the luminance.

Now about the GUI. It has been coming along good for me. I will be editing the MainMenu more and fixing bugs as if anyone has posted anything about it.


Thanks, APexPanda or Fred

Also Cervator is helping me.


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Thanks for the post :)

I've been working with APexPanda some over Skype now and then and we've made some progress. Still more to go, but one step at a time!