TSOC in the process!


TSOC (short for "Terasology Season Of Code"), which was first mentioned in the GSOC announcement post, is finally seeing some planning work happening! The very first meeting about DestinationSol oriented projects happened today, on the 21st June 2019, and was mostly spent planning the future course of work. Future meetings will be happening every Friday at 8 PM UTC, in the #destination-sol Discord channel.
Link to the meeting logs: https://discordapp.com/channels/270264625419911192/389093174921920512/591719319587520514
The meeting was started by Cervator presenting the brand new board at https://trello.com/b/2r9JoF8E/tsoc2019 under a brand new Trello organization, for organizing all the possible TSOC efforts.

Writeup of discussed during meeting:

Meeting started by 8 : 00 PM UTC

Cervator, describing the structure of planned TSOC tasks:
in short: these should be relatively smallish (maybe up to a week's concentrated effort, or perhaps a month of really casual interest) tasks with concrete deliverables of some sort, with a volunteer attached to them

Discussion on ways and steps to implement multiplayer in DS.

Discussion about bringing the DS back to Android.

Side discussion about target scope of DS

Returning back to DI discussions for DS

Reminder about the importance of reviewing and merging PRs

Discussing the potential of moving away from LibGDX

Meeting finished by 9 : 30 PM UTC