Update on AI from t3hk0d3


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Or T3 as I'm going to call him unless he picks a different preference for short name :D

He's been busy hacking away at AI for pathfinding and shared a couple screenies on IRC:

http://tehkode.ru/pub/pathfinding.png - pathing calcs displayed in mushrooms and torches of a Gelatinous Cube attempting to locate the player on-spawn

http://tehkode.ru/pub/skies%20of%20mushrooms.png - same thing but without forcing the calcs to stay on the ground (and a few execution overlaps I think)

Performance is an issue but an expected big help there is moving to only calculate pathfinding once in a while rather than in each movement loop iteration. So with an ES we'd have an AISystem that would set goals maybe once per second and the movement loop would simply follow that goal blindly (unless perhaps it hits an unexpected obstacle and forces a recalc)

Another tricky issue is when the player is standing on the edge of a block with nothing underneath, or is jumping / falling. LocalWorldProvider.getBlockAtPosition may return empty space.

Initial early commit: https://github.com/t3hk0d3/Terasology/c ... 650cf75520

Here's a direct link to the line with the challenge of dealing with non-walkable neighbors due to jumping: https://github.com/t3hk0d3/Terasology/b ... r.java#L73