Updates Weekly Updates for Metal Renegades: Refining Gameplay


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Here is my weekly forum post thread for this GSoC 2020 project! Much like my project last year, forum posts done here will be a quick summary of progress during the week, and a meeting summary. There will be accompanying blog posts as well which provide more detail than the forum posts here. In general, the forum will have quick updates intended for people who already know a bit about the project, where the blog is made for anybody to read.

My project this year is an extension of last years Metal Rengades projects, focusing primarily on gameplay over deep technical features. I plan to improve the Metal Renegades gameplay in three ways. First, new goals and challenges will be added to the game, to greater engage the player. Second, the game environment will have unique elements inbedded, to breathe personality into the world. And finally, major gameplay-disturbing bugs will be addressed.