When will final version be released ?


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First of all thanks for the awesome open-source minecraft alternative.
I wonder when we can play the game as final not prealpha because now we have many missing modules like creatures etc. ( I couldnt find similar thread in forum or FAQ so i thought it is not exist if it i am sorry :) )


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Thanks for the kind words!

Actual 1.0.0 release is probably at least a year or more out. Alpha probably within months, but it heavily depends on volunteers. Mostly it is content that's missing at this point, like creatures, although there are a few like the deer in the WildAnimals module (although you have to use "spawnPrefab deer" in the console to get any)


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I am ok with Lua modules but i dont know java system at all. So my best is sending you crash reports, introducing the game around and suggestions :)

good luck