Who am I ?


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Hi everybody and Happy New Year ! :)
I'm glad to join this community 'cause I really enjoy Terasology, and I hope it'll have a big success soon.

So, who am I. :rolleyes:
I'm SharKam and I've 16 years old (damn I've make an error on my profile, I'll fix this as soon as possible, I'm on mobile now), I'm french and I love sandbox, RPG, gestion or strategy games.
Thanks to a web article who talking about sandbox and open-world games, I recently discovered Terasology.

I used to be Youtuber (I wasn't really popular but I've worked with popular french people to make Minecraft videos and other games) but I wish to retry this experience very soon.
Ehm, and I like Punk Rock musics, yeap...
If you have a question about me, tell me ! ;)

Actually, I've just tested Terasology since few days ago and I have some questions. :p

1) Do you accept fansite ? I have a little project to create a french Terasology fansite in the future to increase the number of french players, but with a really serious website and forums, with your agreement (and I want to know if some french fansite already exists ?).

2) I've a little problem with the navigation of these forums, is there any user mods listed ? I think not because it's to earlier.

For the moment, I have no question anymore.
Thanks to read this !

See ya !


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Heya SharKam nice to see a forum post from you! :) If you're wanting to contribute (and running Youtube / fansite stuff would qualify for that, IMHO) we could move this to the Contributor Intro forum?

And yep, fansites are fine, although player community activity is still pretty low. I don't know of an existing French site, we only have an official German fansite (and might have a Russian one if Adeon is still maintaining it).

Some modules have threads over in the Incubator but yes, it is still a bit early for formal mod tracking. We did have a separate module tracking site under development at one point by Philaxx & friends but not sure about its status. Not really enough to track just yet anyway :)


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Thanks Cervator ! Yeah I wan't to contribute soon, I'm working a bit on the fansite, maybe I can show you an extract soon ? ;)
Hmm I prefere create a new post in the Contributor Introductions forum if you don't mind ? That will allow me to explain my project with screenshots and others.

I think of the same, fansites can turn out to be really nice for Terasology, also to make it popular in various countries of course. So it's what I want to the for french peoples. After some searches, any french community exists, so it's great. Maybe glasz can help me ? I'ld see.

Thanks for your answer, I will wait for modules ;) Ok it's great, I hope that they will continue ! :)

EDIT : I juste have a answer in IRC, I will explain my french fansite project very soon in "Contributor Introductions". ;)