Suggested World Review: Inferno


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I chose to visit iojw's Inferno world. Visiting the Inferno was as smooth an experience as- well- visiting hell can be. In order to enter the Inferno, you must first die while holding a Resurrection Idol. Personally, I prefer climbing the nearest Overworld mountain and taking a swift leap. Upon death I was thrown into the Inferno upon some blood-bathed rocks and greeted by a few creepy eye-plants waving in the wind- which I can only assume wasn't a gentle cool breeze.


The world itself is comprised of two halves. A steep hilly bottom with lava lakes at the troughs and a flatter mirrored ceiling. There are upside-down red trees sprouting from the ceiling, while the ground has grotesque eyeball-flowers. Turning the volume up reveals that the world comes with its own terrifying set of ambient noise. After some exploration you can also find dark stone lookout towers in the lava lakes. They are stilted and only spawn in the lakes, so getting to them requires you to build a small path.

The would could use a few pillar-like structures supporting the ceiling and connecting it to the ground, right now it just seems as though the ceiling is floating. The world can be improved with mobs, right now the only living thing in it is me, so it's not much of a challenge to explore. The lookout fortress structures are also all identical and can make the world seem a bit repetitive. More extensive loot-filled dungeons with mobs defending them would make the Inferno more lively.


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