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    This is a fairly routine release as it has been a couple weeks since last and we stabilized some new stuff.

    Summary of changes (full list in Jenkins):
    • Game console overhaul. This was mostly architectural but resulted in a few extras like no more case sensitivity for commands and auto-completion for the "help" command. It also makes the system more powerful for future improvements. The readme has been updated with the latest functionality.
    • We finally started using our own math library TeraMath, which we're replacing the Java vecmath library with. There are some shortcomings in vecmath we're trying to get away from. Also updated some of our existing libraries.
    • The game itself (independent from the launcher) now has a nice splash screen.
    • We are now using the Noto font from Google instead of the existing hacky one, which was missing stuff like * and support for other language scripts. You can now chat in-game in Cyrillic among other things if you wish! :)
    • More auto save improvements and various performance tweaks
    • Water surface effects have been improved some at levels other than the default "sea level"
    • An assortment of rendering, audio, and UI cleanup, along with other general improvements
    • New module: IRLCorp - split out as part of JoshariasSurvival, meant to hold less manual types of labor (less manual for the player, anyway)
    Video for IRL Corp:

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    Moved some posts to a new support thread. Double checked that 47 works fine from here. Oh well, always more to fix :)

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