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    Tweaking Core perlin world improvements

    If I would clean up and optimize Boundless world we could use it for those purposes. I mean it can do stuff like that easily but, I am probably only one who understand what it does ATM. My code at BW isn't fully optimized either. If we would use it only for cliffs it would just bring lot of...
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    Implementation BoundlessWorlds[BW]

    boudlessworlds is general utility library. LandOfTerra has only world definition in side, but no functional code. BoundlessWorlds should be stand-alone library for world generation an modification whit layers and other black magic. Current version can work whit default world gen implementation...
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    WIP My pixel-art icons

    those look good
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    Implementation BoundlessWorlds[BW]

    Name: Boundless Worlds Summary: A library mod that has lot of world generations tools in side. Scope: Module Dependencies: Current Goals: Biome rasterizer(turning biome information to blocks) biome definitions(what densities block equal at biomes) Flora rasterizer for 3d terrain. Implemented...
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    [LoT] Land of Terra, Rogue-like gamemode.

    I should update that this module is living and doing well. I am halfway of finishing combat framework for it.
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    Team Happy coding!

    if you ever have time, and if it is easy. can you create option to run 3d mode on normal screen so that we have splitted screen other side having left eye and other right (Cross eye 3d). I have been wanting to do that for year for now but my skills don't allow me to do it atm. If it is lot of...
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    Components and self programed Classes. Serilization proplems!

    @MappedContainer seems to be at least partial solution to this problem. example of it use: and it restriction can be found on this class.(like restrictions...
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    Components and self programed Classes. Serilization proplems!

    I found this annoying problem, due sandboxing components can have only certain limited types of variables(primitives,containers,vectors,blocks,Strings) and Needed data type that wasn't on that list. I Solved my case by serializing my object to String and de-serialized it when ever I needed it...
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    Contributor If only I found out about Terasology years ago

    That is very long hours, in what you work in? I hope they pay well for those all hours. Anyway good luck whit your work and burden yourself too much whit us. Burnout would be bad. ave nice Christmass time
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    Organizing all the things with, Trello, and maybe some bounties

    I'd wave green flag for bounties. I don't think we would start doing only bounties as most of works on area on which we are interested. And if all started doing only bounties, bounties would run out and then everything would go like normally. And looks good, maybe i need to learn what...
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    Contributor If only I found out about Terasology years ago

    And welcome in. We love to have skills like that in this project.
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    Request Techne model converter / format support

    Now all we need is player model. and coding to see these monsters running around and eating you.
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    Tweaking Continous saving of the game

    good to see this coming. I have been thinking necessity of auto save, but forgot it as often while working on more interesting things.
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    Must see talks about coding

    I think this is interesting blog about games.
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    Must see talks about coding

    I must say "thank you". It was very educating and useful for ideas.