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    Suggested Dynamically Generating Characters for Glyph-Heavy Languages (i.e. Korean, Chinese, etc.)

    Currently, a problem with adding languages that are glyph-heavy is that there are too many permutations to cover. See this thread for the issue. Since I'm familiar with Korean the most, I'll explain it in terms of Korean. In Korean, each character has a "formula": one consonant, one vowel, and...
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    Suggested Maze World Gameplay

    I believe that is will be an amazing module. I love the concept, and I am willing to give any ideas I can. But for now, here are my thoughts: Repetition: A big 'No' when it comes to game development is repetition. Repetition is often a problem in most RPGs, since to become more powerful...
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    Intro Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to Terasology! We hope you enjoy working with our community! If you get the chance, check out the IRC! We have a helpful community willing aid anyone who'd like to help build Terasology :D
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    Terasology Youtube Video Intro

    I love it! Would it be possible to have Gooey jump around making slime sounds and then hop into the circle thing? That, I would love to see :D But again, it's amazing, and better anything I can make
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    Tweaking DamagingBlocks

    DamagingBlocks *The description below focuses on interactions between the player and the damaging blocks, but please note that the interactions with the damaging blocks may also extend to NPCs (in theory, NPCs and players should have the same interactions with damaging blocks, but no test has...
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    Google Code-In 2016 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! I am J Young Kim on the Terasology website, and TheJYKoder on GitHub and IRC. 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? I very much enjoyed any write-up related tasks, to the point where I started to do write-ups that are independent from GCI tasks. I love writing...
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    Suggested New Launcher Design

    Introduction For some reason, the patch of grass on a dirt block always appealed to me in Minecraft. Since the name of the game is Terasology, I figured that this dirt block design should be integrated. Minecraft Dirt Block...
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    Suggested A New Idea for a Module: Battle Bots

    Introduction Annually, there is a competition hosted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) called BattleCode. In this competition, players write an AI to compete against other AI's in a game. With inspiration from this competition, I've decided to propose a module which would hold this...
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    Suggested A New Idea for a Module: (Modded) Soccer

    Intro/Rational: One thing for sure is that in the future, the multiplayer feature will become a major part of Terasology. The multiplayer should not only be restricted to several players working together (or against each other) in order to survive. In other words, the game of Terasology should...
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    Suggested Formal Description of the Behavior/AI of Chickens

    With eggs introduced in Terasology via the Cooking module (, it would be appropriate to get eggs from chickens instead of a terminal. Although chickens can be created via the WildAnimals module (still in...
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    Introducing a friend to Terasology

    Wow, your friend is so cool!
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    Suggested New Module: Pets

    Just a question: would cows raised to be eaten be considered as "pets"?
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    Suggested Some Sort of Programming Module for Educational Purposes

    Rational: Terasology is a game, and this is a fact. It was built to be an open-source sandbox, where players can add easily add modules to enhance their experience, whether it be the Cooking module to add a cooking aspect to the game or the Rails module, where players can make use of rails and...
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    Suggested Formal Description of a Shy Monster Living in the Dark

    Yes, I would agree that this behavior is quite necessary and logical. It'd be better than the monster automatically switching gears to offensive behavior :P
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    Suggested Ideas Behind Implementing Animals with AI in Terasology Part 1

    In many of my posts, I've written about potential behaviors/AI's to be exhibited by various animals. For instance, I explained the AI of a friendly deer ( For those who are interested in actually...