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    Suggested Formal Description of a Flying Squirrel NPC

    A general description The flying squirrel npc would purpose as a neutral npc, they have no main purpose in the game. The squirrel would resemble something like a bat but only cuter and less hostile :D. Default behavior Climbing Most of the time, the squirrel will spend its time on trees...
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    Google Code-In 2017 Recap Thread

    1. Tell us about yourself again! My full name is Steven Rachman, and that's also my name in the GCI website. My username is pamtdoh in basically everything else. 2. Which task did you enjoy the most? Google Code-In was a blast for me, all the tasks are awesome and fun. My personal favorite is...
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    Suggested Module Suggestion: Parkour Minigame

    OVERVIEW This module is more of a minigame (like the already available minesweeper module), and isn't meant to be used for survival gameplay. It shouldn't be used with other modules, except the core ones. The concept of this module is making a parkour minigame in Terasology. It will be composed...
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    Suggested TerasologyEdu Lesson Suggestion: Entity-Component-System

    Name of the lesson: Entity-Component-System Estimated length of the lesson: 1 session, an hour Target audience: Kids (6-10) Programming aspects taught: The Entity-Component-System architecture Required skill: None For introduction, I’d suggest the easiest way for students to learn the ECS...