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    Suggested AbritaryStats Module

    Following a discussion on AlterationEffects on Slack, we had a long discussion on what do with PhysicalStats. Currently, AE has a larger scope that what PS contains, but has fallen outside of the original scope of containing effects related to the "Alteration" branch of magic. PhysicalStats...
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    Implementation Josharias Survival

    Hello everyone! This is semi-related to JS. As I couldn't find a thread for the ThroughoutTheAges (TTA) gameplay module, I decided to post this here. I talked with @Cervator today following my recent updates to CopperAndBronze (CaB) and Smithing. I was asking whether I should move the Copper...
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    Implementation Equipment

    Name: Equipment Summary: A gameplay module which adds a basic equipment system, a character screen (with equipment slots), and at least seven tiers of example equipment pieces. These consist of weapons (swords, axes, spears, etc.) and armor (head, chest, leg, feet, etc.). This equipment can have...
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    Implementation PhysicalStats

    Name: PhysicalStats Summary: A gameplay module which adds a basic RPG stats system consisting of seven different physical attributes or stats. These attributes modify a bunch of actions that can occur in game. Plus, a system for modifying these stats is in place. Details on each stat can be...
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    Implementation Alchemy

    Name: Alchemy Summary: A gameplay module that adds a basic Herbalism system and the ability to brew potions with a variety of effects. The herbs are either generated through a few systems or predefined, and are used to brew the potions (which are defined in Potions). Current Goal: Add the...
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    Implementation Potions

    Name: Potions Summary: A gameplay module that adds several consumable potions which can bestow a variety of effects on the user such as healing, regeneration, speed increases, and status ailment cures. See the README (in the develop branch) for the full list of potions. Current Goal: Add a...
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    Implementation Cooking

    Name: Cooking Summary: A gameplay module that adds several food items (which can be consumed to restore hunger and/or thirst), food recipes, and cooking stations for cooking them. Current Goal: Adding some berries, and recipes for casseroles. Curator: XTariq Location...
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    Crouch and Prone Controls

    Hmm, usually on FPS titles which have both, I assign LCtrl for prone and Z for crouch. Otherwise, I think this a great idea.
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    Design Base Stats System

    I decided to look at that for my first version of PhysicalStats, but that violates several of our standards and doesn't function properly. So, I decided to work from the ground up.
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    WIP My pixel-art icons

    Wow, good work @Trekmarvel! I'll definitely be using those new potion graphics in my Alchemy module.
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    Design Base Stats System

    Hello again everyone! As a companion to the "Base Skills System", I'm also thinking about developing a potential character stats system module (as a parent to my equipment module). Essentially, it'll store and manage RPG attributes like Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, etc. It will also store...
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    Suggested Base Skills System

    Hello everyone! After chatting over on Slack with @Cervator in regards to a potential character stats system module (as a parent to my equipment module), we discussed the creation of a base skills system. Right now, we have the EventualSkills module, which allows for the passive gain of skill...
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    Art resources (guides, tutorial videos, contributing info)

    Found some great public domain and CC3.0 sprites and clipart here:
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    Contributor Hello everyone!

    Name: Xavier Tariq Social: GitHub From: USA Skills/Tools: C, C++, C#, Java, Python. Found: From the Google Summer of Code list of organizations. Interests: My main interest is the gameplay systems and how they can interact with each other. I'm particularly interested in improving the physics and...