Maintenance FacadeServer - Headless server with web interface


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Name: FacadeServer

Summary: A program which integrates a Terasology headless (no GUI) server with a web (HTTP and WebSocket) server to allow users to interact with the game using a web browser, a mobile device, or, with a bit of additional work, anything that can interact with an HTTP REST API or a WebSocket connection. Right now, it's possible to use the console/chat system, install modules and manage multiple games (only one can run on the server at a given time).
Scope: It's a facade, like the PC one but headless only and with the addition of the web server.
Current Goal: provide a server with additional features for interaction from outside the regular game client.
Curators: Project started by @msteiger and in large part developed by me (@gianluca_n) as GSoC 2017 project with lot of support from him and @Skaldarnar too (especially in the initial phase).
Related: - web and mobile client based on ReactXP
Download: Docker repository with image updated at the end of GSoC 2017
API documentation: See here if you are interested in developing other clients (programs/scripts which need to interact with this project).