First Milestone 4 stable build out!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Not that it wasn't actually out more than a week ago, but then Xenforo happened and I've kept busy ;)

Harder to keep up with everything! So much new since last. 111 commits in that stable build, including but not limited to:

  • Project dir restructure completed by Immortius - tidied up some of the top level directories and moved stuff around
  • Several rounds of better detection of native libraries to use - might have fixed Terasology on some systems, but there are still issues (tricky area)
  • Tons more new blocks by Metouto! Even more pending, but whoops, we still haven't upgraded the block ID capacity and ran out
  • Lots more work on the entity / events system, there's actual spiffy content built on this now!
  • Pile of improvements to the in-game console by overdhose - including actual help text!
  • Content can actually be supplied now wrapped as "mods" now, a first step towards a modding system. Same can also break the applet in some configs, but it works via Jenkins
  • Bookcases and books! A pretty decent start, anyway, came out of nowhere provided by bi0hax - details here
  • Potions - also by bi0hax. Get them via the console, witness the speed potion, observe poison at work, see buff icons...
  • Mesh support for models so we can have other stuff in-game than Gelatinous Cubes! Artists: Start your engines. Or your brushes, mice, tablets, and what not :)
  • Our first actual in-game interactions with creatures! Overdhose introduced an impressive "miinion" toolbar with some interesting functionality including minion-based block harvesting complete with its own independent inventory the player can take from
  • Some more optimizations including new work by hagish
In the week since that (was that really a week?) we also had much more stuff pop up, like a discussion on proper code conventions started by R41D3NN (who's putting in a lot of formatting work), not to mention that whole "Oh yeah, have a new site!" thing. Still tinkering with the exact forum setup, but that's getting close - please provide feedback if able!

Some interesting sample console commands:

giveBlock "Chest"
giveBlock "Bookcase"
giveItem "core:purplepotion"
giveItem "core:orangepotion"
giveItem "core:greenpotion"
giveItem "core:redpotion"
giveItem "core:book"
To use the new minion toolbar use 'x' to toggle between the two toolbars (note: no current highlighting of which is active) then left click on the top of a block to spawn a minion and right click to get a menu of commands (mouse wheel to change minion slot if you want more than one)