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  • Name: "Stefano 'Blockman-77' Peris"
  • Social:
  • From: Originally Italian, from Rome.
  • Skills / Tools: In the past I made a mod for Quake 3 Arena named "Birds of fire", published in The Games Machine Magazine (Italy). I created the mod "italian_blocks" for Minetest. I worked as a designer for a comics House Italian (Fabrizio de Fabriitis). I'm self-taught, passionate, and I came here because of Josharias (Youtube, Google+). Use the following software: Blender, Gimp, Magicavoxel, Libreoffice. Programming languages, Python, Java, Javascript, lua, I'm a self-taught modders. not software development :D
  • Found via: Google, searching for Minecraft-like games, minecraft clones.
  • Interests: Game design, modding.
  • Extra: I am 38 years old. My first computer was a Commodore C-64 (first version, then the next one). I had chased Commodore Amiga 500/1200/2000, CDTV, Amiga CD. Games consoles all! Nintendo, Sega, Neo Geo, Atari ... I like always technologies, video games, and create 3D models and content for games that I love! :)


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Thanks @Trekmarvel ;) I want to create new icons inventory, textures blocks, and decorative blocks. I have to study the API to create a new mod. To begin work on graphics. Then I dedicate myself to crafting. Terasology is a wonderful project. The modding system will change much in the future I think. I'd have the opportunity to develop content in Java and JavaScript! I hope that in the future will be implemented option to import OBJ mesh material + (.mtl). I use the dev release. Good job! The survival mode is a beautiful dream :) Thanks to the whole team. They are the third Italian here :laugh: I like :D I can also work to the translation of the Italian language. @Trekmarvel If I need information I ask you to translate elements of the game. Thank you! W Italy ♥

Sorry but my English is really bad: -D is important to understand what I write :rofl:
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Heyo @Blockman-77 and welcome :)

I think @Josharias is always in need for new icons for his survival game mode, as well as new blocks and stuff. You can definitely start there.

I think we already have a way to import OBJ files and materials, although I'm not absoultely sure. But we definitely support fancy block structures and other mesh models that can be placed in the world. For normal blocks there is a Blender plug-in to export it to out format.

Here are some links to get you started: ;)



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Thank you @Skaldarnar! a plug-in to export the mesh properly is very useful (damned ngons). To create new items, use "magicavoxel" software to model objects voxel. Magicavoxel is open source, very easy to use, and includes unique features and very useful! amount with blender and create the uv mapping. I am already working to create new icons isometric inventory. I do research to get useful documentation in the wiki. the jobs that they release the documentation (which use techniques for texturing and modeling). It serves full documentation! soon as I finish the first works public a preview, so you tell me if it's good. Thanks to the whole team ;)


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Heya @Blockman-77 and welcome to the forum, good to see you here :)

There are some more guides in the art forum maybe especially this video by @glasz on how to export a Blender model for use in-game

@Skaldarnar has played with MagicaVoxel too, IIRC. Maybe if you're enjoying it you could throw together a little tutorials? Others like @metouto would surely appreciate that. More documentation is also great :)

As for what we need out of Blender in particular: Animals! All of them! We have a really nice deer in the WildAnimals module. Need more like that :)

A creepy critter of some sort might be nice too. There's a Night Terrors concept that needs some sort of stealthy and terrifying creature that'll slowly add up in numbers and close in on the player.

Have you gotten set up on GitHub yet, and how to run the game from source? That's a great first step so you can start pulling modules and see how especially the art assets work :) Super easy to do!


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@Cervator Thank you :) I do Magicavoxel with documentation. The next release brings many news software (also a new gui more complete). Blender use it for 7 years. I can export to OBJ, collada, .x, FBX. I always recommend use OBJ! it's easy and keeps the mesh clean. Using Linux (Debian), for Github I installed the client "Giggle" easy to share sources. Tomorrow I sign up to Github and organize everything. I want the creatures in voxel graphics (like cube world), I have so many good ideas. As soon as I finish the first inventory icons and textures of the blocks, I publish my works (including Artworks, sketches, and concept in general). So Terasology includes modules already prepared for the mobs? great news. I create the first prototypes, then you'll be telling me any changes to the concept. Terasology not a Minecraft clone !!! I want to be original, with atmospheres like "The Legend of Zelda". Unfortunately work (not rich), Leisure time is dedicated to study new techniques for modeling objects, scripting, and study the wiki. You have my commitment! I always wanted to work with a creative team like yours. Thanks Cervator, I always read your posts. Your changelog I'm passionate about ;) As soon as i prepared the first public works everything. Thanks again!