Intro Hello, this is Aizen93


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  • Name: Oussama (Aizen93) Aouessar
  • Social: My git repository: and on LinkedIn you can join me here:
  • From: I'm from Morroco but I live and study in France - Paris
  • Skills / Tools: Well, I mainly use Java, but I also use C, C++, Ocaml, Python, PHP, NodeJS - JavaScript, and everything about Web developement / android. This is not my first Voxel world project, but still my first BIG open source project I ever worked on.
  • Found via: I'm currently developing my own World Engine from scratch without using any technology or library (voxel world) that can draw multiple shapes and import Blender 3D objects and I was looking for an exemple to inspire me, so I ended up here, loved the work you did and decided to contribute with you. This is also a part of my studies that i'm currently doing at the university.
  • Interests: Everything related to voxel worlds/games , and 3D content interests me, and will inspire/help me to continue my own little project.
  • Extra: I'm starting to get intrested in open source software, and decided to contribute to an open source voxel world (because that's what i'm doing these days). As for Terasology, i'm currently working on adding the GodMode command to block completly all type of damage (immune 100%) and to each different damge type (potions, breathing under water, monsters, explosives...etc) but mostly i'm trying to read the code and understand to take a bigger issue to work on. "Cervator" already helped me with a very nice diagram to follow ^^ thanks a lot.


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Welcome! Cool to see you have some solid related background. And yeah our little project here has grown over the years and it is hard to keep track of all the pieces (and people!) :)

If you've dealt with voxels, shapes, and Blender maybe you'd be interested in helping out with our Blender addon meant to import/export models? That has been a pain point for a long time now. We have dozens of contributed Blender models, but they're stuck needing somebody to use that addon to create associated game assets so we can use everything in-game. There are some quirks in the addon, it favors separated animations rather than a single long animation with time sets etc.

Most recently has popped up as an attempt to unify the actual two addons into one, as we had separate ones for block shapes (fit into the block grid) and creature models (not aligned to the block grid). Previously they lived over at and there are tutorial chapters at :)


I haven't had the time to look much into the blender plugin but I would like to rework the existing way blocks are made with the default plugin. At the moment the plugin does not work with the latest version of blender. The first thing to address would be fixing the plugin for the latest version of blender. The plugin at the moment is fairly simple, but some additional functionality would be nice. A couple things I would like to add:

  • A way to create multiple blocks types in one blender file ( An empy would be associated with each block)
  • Some way to mark out the boundaries of the block ( probably would need a bit of custom Opengl to accomplish this) I believe there are some backend calls from blender to render stuff to the viewport.


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Thanks for your answers. for the time being I'll try to solve some "first good issues" to get familiar with the code and then i'll jump to the blender plugin. i'll try joining you on discord this week-end to learn more :)