March play test event soon and we got into GSOC 2017!


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
Our monthly play test event starts in about 11 hours but goes pretty much for the remainder of the day as long as there are people around to help play and test things :)

The event server is available although I'll probably reset it closer to the start time. May also reset or reconfigure throughout the day. Other options is our Tekkit Classic server (same host), which may admittedly also need a restart/reset or other games like ARK: Survival Evolved if anybody is interested in checking it out. Some very good creature system inspiration in there.

Also, in case somebody hasn't noticed its thread we are officially accepted into Google Summer of Code 2017! And we're already up to around a dozen available mentors, with more potentials to poke. We're a veteran org now so it comes down to available students and mentors how many proposals we can try to accept!

In case anybody hasn't seen it we also have a GCI recap blog post by @Nihal Singh
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