New project calendar plus regularly scheduled multiplayer test events


Org Co-Founder & Project Lead
I've just created a little Calendar tab here on our portal, which simply embeds a Google Calendar from Gooey's account (allows a few of us to add events). Nothing fancy although I've tested out adding Trello board calendars to such an embedded calendar, so that's kinda cool! More potential to examine later including automated reminders on Slack.

For now I've added our official office hours, which haven't really been used for ages, plus a regularly scheduled multiplayer test event on the first Saturday of each month. This month said Saturday was already the 2nd and we had done a multiplayer test not long before that, so I set that one particular instance for this coming Saturday July 9th.

I've checked with @Josharias and a few others to maybe make it this coming weekend so we can do another round of Josharias Survival as well as maybe checking out GooeysQuests and some of @xtariq's new stuff. While I aimed at doing JS at 3 pm eastern (noon Josharias' time) for ease of calendaring I've made the event stretch between the two office hour sessions on the Saturdays which it happens on. We'll see who makes it on when and go from there :)

In theory you should be able to add the Google calendar to your own calendar system (just about anything can subscribe to these kinds of internet calendars) which hopefully will help sort out timezones. Just in case it appears funny here are the intended times:
  • Office Hours - early: 11 am eastern time till noon
  • Multiplayer testing: any point between noon eastern time till 4 pm (usually only 1st Sat each month)
  • Office Hours - late: 4 pm eastern time until 5 pm
I'll generally be around for the entire duration and like with the last multiplayer event I'll end up with my hands full juggling all kinds of fun discussions and impromptu bug triaging and server setup.

For this particular Saturday we might also do some discussion about game textures and perhaps try out ARK together after we're done with the Terasology fun, if anybody wants to keep playing something else.

In other cool news @Marcin Sciesinski has published a game dev intro series on YouTube that focuses on LibGDX + an entity system, maybe that could spur some more interesting discussion :)

I hope to see lots of people Saturday!