Featured Play test July 1st noon Eastern Time, Alpha 8 prep, first round of work and eval for GSOC


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This coming Saturday is our regularly scheduled play test, as noted on the calendar. This will be the first test with a substantial amount of GSOC work included - I expect we'll be testing @Nihal Singh's exploration world some, @Shine's combat stuff, and so on :) I hope as many of our GSOC students as possible will make it, even if you're not working on playable content it would be nice to do a show-and-tell per project.

Hopefully late Friday and during Saturday we'll merge some more stuff and have about everything big ready for an Alpha 8 release. Maybe a week or two to iron out any major issues then release. I'm in a weird time flux myself right now so it is hard to make predictions (got downsized, it's okay I'll be fine, leaves me more time but first need to resolve a bunch of paperwork hassle and health insurance issues)

GSOC evaluations for phase 1 are due Friday and 95% done as I write this, just one item left and that'll get done for sure. To highlight for our students: the evaluation is just a checkpoint and the proposal a guideline - GSOC is much more about becoming involved with an open source community and doing work on a "real" project resulting in some final product. Projects (like any requirements in software work) change over time and schedules get tweaked. That's fine - you are not expected to do everything perfectly by the deadline - so don't worry and just do your best!


There are also GSOC blogs popping up all over the place but they are hard to keep track of! Here are some recent ones:
I'm sure I'm missing some so please feel free to post more links!

In the near future maybe we'll start doing more overall blogging with the updated splash site by @smsunarto too: http://terasology.org :)
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