Suggested Survival mechanics (might have been asked before idk)


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with survival mechanics you need to manage how much sleep you have (you can sleep on the ground or on a bed/pile of straw or leather or more idk) how much food you have, being able to either forage for vegan/vegetarian options or hunt, and water you have in your body! Water is found from up in the mountains down to the sea, in the mountain the rivers are more safe to drink, but if water is still or having dead animals in it you might get dysentery, and without any medicine recipe learned (did i forget to mention you had to learn recipes to get more items to craft, and you can learn recipes Dragon Quest builders style by getting resources for crafting that thing and more gets unlocked by using a research table, which you already know) your F-ed and if you die, you see the corpse of yourself in ragdoll and wearing armor/clothes that you had on you before you died (you start in a ragged tank top, ragged shirt, and ragged pants, with ragged boots and socks that you can change the color of when you first start the world. you also have a worn hat.) and you can loot your body when you find it, it does not disappear untill all the item in the inventory when you died has been taken, which means in multiplayer people can take your stuff after killing you, you also can choose to be a human, anthropomorphic wolf, or any other anthropomorphic creature or creatures from myth that their abilities don't happen on players. you can be male or female, 4'0'' to 8'11'', the weight that is recommended for that height or as fat as the image below
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but otherwise, you still have the hunger drain as a player without such weight even with such things of customization to you, you can only have effects that effect hunger drain, water drain, or HP drain be increased by stuff like getting dysentery or hunger, or dehydration. that's all for this, hope this (might be) added w/ multiplayer, especially since you only have cosmetic for the player if you have multiplayer, yet also you get insolation for wearing clothes, did i forget teperature? it is useful to bundle tightly with insulation for trekking where the water is the cleanest, yet pond water is more drown than lower-river water, which can also make you start vomiting if on your face or something, and if you fall in water, it's gonna cancel out the insolation for your cothes, so make sure to take care and (maybe) someone made a mod already with such things, but i digress, farewell, for now =)


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Hi @Sand_bloc and welcome to the forum =)

Thank you for your suggestions. Many of those ideas are on the mid or long-term idea list for our survival game mode Josharias Survival. Some aspects like hunger and thirst are already implemented, although not to that extent you describe above. We even have got a working temperature systems implemented by GSOC student ktksan last year, modelling hypo- and hyperthermia when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Many of your suggestions are very specific (like the height restrictions) and we will see how they fit into the gameplay mechanics overall. We recently just received another batch of constructive feedback in Outside Perspective, also mainly targeting the survival game mode. This kind of feedback is really valuable to us, so thanks again for sharing your thoughts!