v1.3.1 has been released now so work on v1.4.0 can properly start


Project Lead and Community Wizard

I don't know if we'll hit the start of the dark empire arc in this release, maybe if we get a few assets like The Executor that @FredoMaster is working on. Adding another solar system and faction just to get started might well be worth it, even if the new system is just full of more standard pirates and miners with the boss ship skulking around somewhere.

I've talked to NeonInsect about the soundtrack, we do have the files but I'd like to have his name on the files getting submitted to GitHub :) With them submitted it probably wouldn't be too much work to actually play them in-game. Got him on Skype now as well.

@PrivateAlpha has started on some more code reorganizing so we have shiny new package names using org.destinationsol now. He's also looking at the abandoned box2d editor that can be used to help build ships - I've exported a copy of the original repo from Google Code and if it works out well maybe we can maintain it and start getting the word out some